2. What is meant by the term curriculum?

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In this document, curriculum (or curricula) is defined broadly to include four basic components:

1. Goals: The benchmarks or expectations for teaching and learning, often made explicit in the form of a scope and sequence of skills to be addressed;

2. Methods: The specific instructional methods for the teacher, often described in a teacher’s edition;

3. Materials: The media and tools that are used for teaching and learning;

4. Assessment: The reasons for and methods of measuring student progress.

The term curriculum is often used to describe only the goals, objectives, or plans, something distinct from the “means” of methods, materials, and assessment. Yet since each of these components are essential for effective learning-and since each includes hidden barriers that undermine student efforts to become master learners-curriculum design should consider each of them as a piece.

These guidelines apply to the general education curriculum which, when universally designed, should meet the educational needs of most students, including those with disabilities. This document can help guide the design of expectations, content, methods, and outcomes across differing classrooms in each school or system.


231 Responses to 2. What is meant by the term curriculum?

  1. ishaq says:

    well done for the good job

  2. Okpatu says:

    I appreciate this piece. I’ve actually learned a little more about curriculum. But can any curriculum be implicitly executed. If so, are there examples. 2. How do I as a teacher make sure that the aspects of the curriculum that depend on me is perfectly executed? Thanks.

  3. maryusen says:

    Define the curriculum in functional term?

  4. Kombong Badali says:

    Well done. Please can you throw more light on the “broad curriculum” and “narrow curriculum”?

  5. I need some information on curriculum feedback


    good notes I have appreciate it

  7. Abdul-Shakur Sufianu says:

    Please how do I examine five benefits of narrow definition of curriculum to the current educational system of Ghana?

  8. AddyBlessingCollins says:

    Curriculum- A set of course prescribed for study of a school or College

  9. GYESI RICHARD says:

    very good all noble folks on this site you have making my day very bright ,but yet need your help

    question:what are some of the advantages of narrow definition curriculum as used in planning the school curriculum

  10. Usa Kwaha says:

    Is lovely

  11. this isnt detailed enough.

  12. adam says:

    curriculum is also be define as the systematic arrangement of course of design of a particular are set of the student or curriculum can be define as a sequence of structure unit

    • Usa Kwaha says:

      Your definitions on the term curriculum needs measurable input to be operational. Well done our up-comin educationist! Usa Yohanna Kwaha.

  13. NURA A DISINA says:


  14. Danso Daniel Dominic says:

    It is good piece of explanation of the meaning of the word curriculum.

  15. Felicia says:

    Thank u for such wonderful and clear clarity about what is curriculum.

  16. musa says:

    I need to know the major four forms of curriculum

  17. Rukayya Muhammad says:

    what are the element of curriculum

  18. Rhey says:

    Thank you for the idea. Godbless!😊

  19. ify says:

    nice write up

  20. Pliz kindly help me with this quiz,,,, I need to know from the stated curriculum definitions, the broad definitions and the narrow definitions, and justifications for the same

  21. is'haq bin saleh says:

    curriculum is content of series and stages of learning.

  22. Account for the development of the curriculum of the levels of school administration in Ghana

  23. curriculum is a document which contains the plan of school activities

  24. reginald oats says:

    knowledge of societal structures and expectations act as the basis upon which you make curriculum content decisions.

  25. khaukha vincent says:

    I request for help. What roles do cereals and root crops play in fighting food shortage in a country?

  26. Kifuko Brian says:

    how can the knowledge of society help u to design agood curriculum for it.

  27. john brighton says:

    curiculum is just a series of activities or experinces,formal, non formal or informal that enable them become what the society wants them to be

  28. khaukha Vincent says:

    I need the definition of the term curricular with relevant examples

  29. mwikhalilikhi sam says:

    What are various curriculum design

  30. hyelduku says:

    das gud improvement 4 us

  31. […] 2. What is meant by the term curriculum? | Universal … – In this document, curriculum (or curricula) is defined broadly to include four basic components: 1. Goals: The benchmarks or expectations for teaching and learning … […]

  32. Lydia says:

    interesting article, i love it

  33. Aaron Nuwenyesiga says:

    curriculum is the systdmatic arrangement of educational sylabus

  34. kesh mpande says:

    has a novice teacher am leaning…

  35. Mwenya Kapufi says:

    Defination For Curriculum Development

  36. Byekwaso Wilson says:

    it’s good to learners

  37. chukwu obiora columbus says:

    curriculum may be referred to as a planned or organised guild base to execute or carryout teaching and learning process, it relate to the entire process of educational system, school and society.

  38. katuuun says:

    curriculum conducts a culture

  39. Pardon Reigns Chalwe says:

    it is so beneficial dat it touchd da bottom of my heart…i wud lik to learn more ablt curriculum…

  40. Adjetey Jesse says:

    That is a real masterpiece

  41. Umar says:

    Curriculum is the questioning for authority and the searching for complex views of human situations.

  42. devina says:

    all the learning experiences shaped by the school.they depend from school to school.

  43. Yahaya Aliyu Muazu says:

    I want 2know alot about d curriculum

  44. umar farouq says:

    I am very impressed with what you have in your website,also the effort put in place in order to assist the layman like myself.Thanks and God bless.

  45. Amina mohammed says:

    I will like to know more on this topic o curriculum. thank you

  46. reginald oats says:

    The educative environment in which students are to dwell.

  47. curriculum should be flexible and adaptive but tolerant to culture diversities

  48. Curriculum means a complete aims in way of teaching to students responsibilities. curriculum concern lessons, materials, assignment, project, and practicals.

    • Mahmud shehu says:

      Very good example ,I have been west almost one month to know what is curriculum but I can’t ,but the way you give an example I understand now

  49. Syed wajahat iqbal says:


  50. Mario Mhagama says:

    Mhagama Mario A. FROM st.JOHN’S UNIVERSITY OF TANZANIA says;
    Curriculum is viewed as a set of planned experiences encountered by students in classroom settings.

  51. Paspula Ramarao says:

    lang curr development is concerned wit prncpls nd procedures for the planning, delivery, management and assessment of teaching and learning. it comprises needs analysis, goal setting, syllabus design, methodology and testing and evaluation

  52. AREGAWI says:

    educational curriculum

  53. Isiaka Afusat Bolanle says:

    It’s detailed enough to understand. Good effort keep it up

  54. Edwin Sithole says:


  55. Eny Bunyui says:

    Curriculum is any experince that impacts the learner.

  56. sunshine says:

    curriculum is broadly because of that it cannot pined down in one definition. curriculum is the total experience of an individual under the guidance of the school

  57. ajit says:

    nice but short

  58. desi says:

    why we must study about curriculum

  59. Linda says:

    This gives great insight.

  60. Mubarak says:

    Exactly but plz why curriculum is difficult to define??

  61. Garsiel says:


  62. john brighton says:

    curriculum simply means the planned and unplanned activities an educator(teacher) passes onto the learners whether inside or outside classroom

  63. Collen Njapau says:

    I did not know hw curriculum is, but
    after reading this article, have become to know hw curriculum is.

  64. Collen Njapau says:

    curriculum is a way of achieving goals expectations.

  65. Solomon Joseph Owhorhu say:
    I am a student of Niger Delta University, Nigeria
    Curriculum is the total knowledge, skill, value, attitude an expert (teacher) inculcate into a novice (leaner) to improve his/her cognitive, affective and psychomotor domain while still under the umbrella of the school.

  66. shakuntala says:

    Curriculum sets the teaching learning culture of a school. Its a planned and structured process which guides the teachers to successfully pracice those processes to fulfill the learning needs of the students

  67. shoko tafaranashe solusi zimbabwe says:

    concept curriculum refers to planned and unplanned learning experiences.

  68. Omary shwahib says:

    curriculum can be defined as the means and materials that students will interact for the purpose of achieving (goals) identified educational outcomes

  69. Talib rasool kada says:

    Curriculum is derived from a latain word ‘curere’which means to run which a person to reach a goal

  70. fade says:

    how those curriculum relate with students activities

  71. Dominic Kalifumu says:

    CURRICULUM:Is totality of all experience attained by the learner inside/outside the class or school:Sir-Kalifumu

  72. owolabi olayemi says:

    curriculum is a planned action for instruction

  73. Manasseh Tongpan Dakyel says:

    Curriculum is define as the total plan and unplanned learning experience to be thought by educators to educate learners to achieve a set goal within and outside school enviroment.

  74. Manasseh Tongpan Dakyel says:


  75. Owam destiny says:

    In my own understanding,curriculum can be defined as the totality experience of the learner under the aupicies of the school.tank u

  76. david says:


  77. Allan Pindani says:


  78. This is the complete meaning of curriculum

  79. curriculum is the experience an individual acquire in an environment.or pass through under the guidance of a school

  80. Joe Gillespie says:

    I have to say that even with my many years in education, I had a tendency to isolate curriculum to the stated goals that were expected to be covered in an academic year. The readings and videos have broadened my thinking. I see curriculum as how something is taught, how the classroom is set up, the materials that are used, the methods that a teacher uses, what students learn, and what is assessed. Curriculum is broad and all encompassing.

  81. Hoda Syruk says:

    To my perspective and understanding of an educational curriculum, is that the word curriculum is a very broad and basic concept that underlines many aspects and components for the goal of educating students.
    Curriculum in its broad sense means the frame work of what should be taught and what to expect from the learners to know and perform.

  82. Ibrahim Na'Abba says:

    curriculum is a total experiance that learned by student under the supervision of a teacher in a class

  83. When I think of the term curriculum, I reflex on the idea of planned individualized instruction for students that will assist them in reaching a stated goal. The curriculum may be explicit or implicit instruction.

  84. Taviti Juliano Mele says:

    As a trainee teacher i think curriculum is a set of planned knowledge and skills that had been planned out in schools for teachers to follow while teaching in different levels of educations, and that it can happen inside or outside the classroom.

  85. Beatrice Mzenga says:

    i still don’t understand on what is a curriculum document?

  86. Mamuda Hussaini says:

    keep it up,so that the exceptional adult and children will meet their need through curriculum modification.thanks

  87. When the terms curriculum or curricula are used in educational contexts without qualification, specific examples, or additional explanation, it may be difficult to determine precisely what the terms are referring to—mainly because they could be applied to either all or only some of the component parts of a school’s academic program or courses.

  88. Curriculum refers to the means and materials with which students will interact for the purpose of achieving identified educational outcomes

  89. What are the curricum moderns

    • i don’t know your location but generally modern curriculum depends on the educational aims that need to be achieved, e.g: in RWANDA there was changing curriculum because of what they want to achieve.

  90. Curriculum contained all the leaning planned activities guided by the school

  91. It is necessary for teachers to learn about school curriculum?

  92. Wada Siba Hadejia says:

    Curriculum means as an
    Subject matter
    Personal learning experience.


  93. Nhlanhla Moyo says:

    I enjoy the way you explain about curriculum.I need to learn more especial operating privet schools.

  94. rajab fundi says:

    1. national needs
    2. national edugational philosophy or ideology
    3. needs and capability of the learners
    4. resoureces.

    • salim says:

      you are identify 4 factors that influence curriculum development, what about political power in the nation

  95. saleh magaji says:


  96. Princewell says:

    My definition of curriculum is ..It includes all the teaching and learning that goes on in the schools that help to equip the learner with the necessary qualities to help him or her deliver meaningfully to the society

  97. Mahdi ibrahim says:

    I do agree with each and everything reported in this aspect. I also would like to thank you very much for the carity in defining such terms that are related to the topic. I suggest that you put all these ideas in a book to be puished and distributed around the world. If you do so, I’ll let my sudents order that
    book as atextbook assigned to the course that I teach.
    Dr. Mahdi Inrahim
    Department of curricula & Teaching Methods
    Faculty of Education- Taibah University
    Al-Madinah Al Munawara
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    • ismail yau ahmad says:

      iam from bayero university in nigeria. i appreciate fully with your comment and i also like your suggestion in providing text book for reference.

  98. reddy bhambi says:

    Please notes on curriculum and instruction

  99. Chester says:

    Curriculum involves the activities a learner undergoes in a specified academic period. It is both written and the hidden curricula.

  100. Chester says:

    curriculum involves all the learning experiences a learner has to go through in a specied academic period. It is both written and hidden curricula.

  101. Yankson Maxwell says:

    curriculum is the planned activities that a learner undergoes under the guidance of a school or other educational institution.

  102. Wheshure vimbai says:

    Meaningfull expression

  103. Isaac says:

    Realy educative

  104. know I no the necessity of curriculum in learning.

  105. Arogundade kikelomo says:

    I can now see curriculum in a broader sense.

  106. Amy Jorgensen says:

    I used to think of curriculum only as the official document of prescribed learning mandated by a local authority. I know see that curriculum includes both the learning objectives and the materials and methods of teaching that effect student learning.

  107. Amy Jorgensen says:

    I used to think of curriculum only as the official document of prescribed learning mandated by a local authority. I know see that curriculum includes both the learning objectives and the materials and methods of teaching effect student learning.

  108. Precious O.P says:

    I am a first year student, studying Education Foundation Phase. Honestly speaking I have been thinking that the concept’Curriculum’ is difficult and boring, but after seeing this webpage n all the comments there is some change. I am starting to enjoy the concept and I am now more informed. Thank you all very much, your comments are very helpful. God bless

  109. Babigumira maxim says:

    According to me curriculum can be defined as the total effort of the school to bring about the desired outcomes in and the school situation and outside the school situation

  110. Babigumira maxim says:

    what are the views of curriculum

  111. Emmanuel Bwalya says:

    Its very educative and we more

  112. parisha says:

    What is curriculum scope

  113. ABBA Abdullahi says:

    @Angela dat is gd definition very simple and straight

  114. Rahma says:

    D page should go beyond the definition of curriculum

    • Rahma says:

      Types of curriculum
      1- subject centred curriculum
      2- Activity/Experience-centred curriculum
      3- Child-centred curriculum
      4- Hidden Curriculum
      5- Core-Curriculum

      • Naran says:

        Curriculum is important thing in education
        Curriculum drives the training
        Curriculum helps for teacher
        Curriculum is everything

  115. curriculum is a sent of content, materials, objectives, methods, resources

  116. Hagar Safwat says:

    Curriculum is a program designed for a purposed goals under main topic/s, and taught according to a specific approach.

    1. Curriculum change is inevitable and desirable..
    2. Curriculum is a comprehensive process..
    3. Curriculum is a systematic development.
    4. Curriculum is a continuous process..
    5. Curriculum encourages co-operative endeavor

  118. Curriculum is the total learning experiences, programmes and activities learners go through under the guidance and directions of the administration to effect a behavioural change..

    • A BROAD DEFINITION, You can also read on narrow and midway definitions for curriculum. Great!!!

    • Fahad abdulsalam ak kankia says:

      Iam a student of isa kaita college of education dutsin-ma. Department of primary education studies {PES}. Curriculum is the term used to describe a set of courses, subjects or programmes that are provided by an educational institutions or schools for the purpose of formal education.

  119. Habu Saidu Zguma says:

    curriculum should also be based on level and culture of the learners

  120. curriculum is the planned and unplanned experiences which pupils acquire at school.

  121. mokgadi serumula says:

    curriculum refer to course and aademic content that rea taught at school

  122. Curriculum is a set of courses or content that is planned and taught in or outside the school for the purpose developing of the learner physically, morally, socially and intellectually.

  123. esther nkandu soko says:

    the idea of sharing certain definitions is explainations is good

  124. Curriculum also emphasizes that school life is a continuation of the life in the society it serves, what the school designs and teaches does not end within the school programmes.

  125. carmi ventura says:

    curriculum is a sets of all learning outcomes that achieved by the learners during formal instruction.


  127. NAKIMULI RESTY says:

    curriculum refers to the sum total of all experiences a learner undergoes under the guidance of the school.

  128. joseph says:

    i think it means the complete learning experience in the school

  129. I think curriculum involve the whole process of acquiring knowledge.

  130. Animbue. says:

    Curriculum is the only ways Education can be implanted into a person,in an orderly manner.

  131. olabisi says:

    curriculum constitutes a broad range of student experiences in the school secting

  132. Adjei Annor John says:

    what are the factors that would influence the curriculum in a particular group of people

  133. affum jacobson says:

    curriculum is a plan or program of all experiences which the learner encounters under the direction of a school.

  134. Ifeoma says:

    It educating to know that curriculum studies is very interesting

  135. Miki Blay,Ghana says:

    is a whole knowledge and experiences acquired by students in school inside or outside classroom with the school guidelines.

  136. lucy Adowah says:

    curriculum is all the experience a learner encounters under the guidance of a school,

  137. F says:

    Curriculum is a planning course/subject by the curriculum designers in education sector for all school levels (the so-called National Curriculum) to achieve its education goals, and can be developed and interpreted by each school curriculumn team without out of its national pathway.

  138. Yinusa saliu.A(MR) says:

    Am student of University Of Iloirn

    • Dada yetunde says:

      curriculum is the totality of planned and unplanned learning experience under the guidance of the school for the purpose of actualizing some planned or intended outcomes.

  139. Yinusa saliu.A(MR) says:

    What are the diffirenc between curriculum And syllabus.

    • Peter S Kopweh says:

      You first begin with curriculum from which you can base your syllabuses on. Within the curriculum you show the following: Situation analysis,learning outcomes, related tasks, assessment methods, assessment instruments, bench-marking of assessment criteria, assessment criteria, marks distribution, description of courses, and reference materials.

  140. Angela Chibuzor Anyanwu says:

    I thought curriculum are set of instructional materials carried out in an academic year for students or pupils to be able to know what the teacher will teach them in a term or semester.

  141. Rilwan Yakubu says:

    Curriculum can seen as all the means employed by the school to provide the student with opportunities for desirable leaning experiences.

  142. There are four (4) basic concept of curriculum, these are :
    1. Statement of objectives.
    2.Content or subject matter.
    3. Method of instruction.
    4. Evaluation.

  143. Akashambatwa John says:

    Am a student at the university of Africa..
    Curriculum is the outline of the skills ,attitudes,performances,and values pupils are expected to learning from schooling;it includes statements of desired pupil outcomes,descriptions of materials and the planned sequence that will be used to help pupils attain the outcomes.

  144. Nyariang' says:

    Curriculum is the totality of what is learnt in and outside a school setting,guided or unguided,conciously or unconciously and which should positively impact on learners.

  145. […] the doors of the High School to see who would be in attendance and the topics going up on the Big Board. I have a lot of thoughts about what educators should be talking about to drive better pedagogy, […]

  146. what are the importance of curriculum

  147. Akolade Tajudeen Mukaila (ATM) says:

    Well done!
    keep it up…

  148. mrschristy oyebade umoh says:

    currculum refer to skills used in teaching without curriculum it is impossible to allocted a school

  149. musa muhammed babatunde says:

    curriculum is rooted in a society. that is, the curriculum must be reflect in need in our society.

  150. amos says:

    curriculum can be defined as the total experince or knowledge school inculcate in to student.

  151. sorry am realy confused can some one tell me what are the basis of changing curriculum i need ur help

  152. Nickson Mongi says:

    I’m very confused on identifying the goal of curriculum desgn. I need your help

  153. ekun akinshola says:

    Curriculum is what happen to me as student in side the school and outside the school under the guidance/supervision of the school

  154. Rendani says:

    Very detailed and spot on

  155. fibion mudamburi says:

    quite educational

  156. Mampotse says:

    This is informative as I perceived curriculum to consist of what is to be taugt in class and what is to be tested in an examination.

  157. Stephen K. Beyan says:

    I am a graduate student of education at the University of Liberia. Frankly, I loved to always know about curriculum especially in the area of education.

  158. Emmanuel says:

    how to achieve the goal of curriculum & in the otherhand, how to get teaching job immidiatly after some once NCE. Thank’s & God bless you.

  159. Mr Agori Clement. says:

    Types of Curriculum are as follows: 1.Broad base curriculum. 2.community base curriculum.

  160. Mr Agori Clement. says:

    The curriculum planners should consider the numerous and unsolved problems to be included in the school curriculum and the reward for teachers as a result of increment in the workload.

  161. Ola Jeremiah says:

    The curriculum is the entire life of a school child. Tx.

  162. Okunola tosin says:

    This source is reliable. Thanks

  163. Sharyl says:

    Hola! I’ve been following your website for a while now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Lubbock Tx! Just wanted to say keep up the good work!

  164. Godoni says:

    Well done,better to increase the content of the lesson,anyway.

  165. musa usman says:

    is planing system of education

  166. curriculum is the first stage for learning

  167. Aminu says:

    Nice effort keep on casting the light into the darkness of ignorance


    Curriculum for side of me is the subject matter content that tought at school or college for the aim of archiving a certain seted goals.

  169. Peter, mfonobong says:

    Enlighten the page more

  170. Tayo seye says:

    The defination is universal in nature,keep it up

  171. yohannes estifanos says:

    it a directory what an education is

  172. emmanuel meshack says:

    i lyk t

  173. Aminu jibril lawal says:

    I’m so excited nd fully this explation.

  174. greasophyr says:

    is the total learning experience of the learners

  175. ISAAC OBENG,GHANA says:

    curriculum is defined as all the learning experience that the learner goes under the guidance or supervision of the school, either individually or in groups, in or outside the school.

  176. ISAAC OBENG,GHANA says:

    Curriculum is the total learning experience that the learner goes under the guidance of the school, either individually or in groups, in and outside the school

  177. i love curriculum and i like study curriculum in my degree

  178. edwin .j.tillya says:

    is the totality of what a learner does at school includes structured and unstructured activities

  179. itohowo Effanga says:

    I love curriculum

  180. Is also an effort 2 guid people by thorough instruction 2 provid guided learning contents and methods 2 give feedback.

  181. John says:

    I wil wnt 2 study curriculm as my second degree.

  182. Miriam says:


  183. morgan m says:

    curriculum is usually derived from political manifestos of those political parties that are in control. specific goals are achieved through education either of spreading an ideology that is communism, capitalism e.t.c .the same vehicle was used by hitler during his time to spread the anti semitism policy. nowonder why karl max emphasised the need to free education from politics

    • Mubarik Ali says:

      really that is the main problem every one comes and adopted thir own idea thir own thinking they do not think about the nation and do not know the mental level of a child so i agree with you

  184. Odugbose Adeniyi says:

    How effective is curriculum to teaching-learning method?

  185. umar sheriff says:

    how do we design curriculum?

  186. How does curriculum and English subject related

  187. okwara emeka victor says:

    what are the challenges in nigeria educational system?

  188. okwara emeka victor says:

    i will love to know more on curriculum education in nigeria?

  189. dibiaezue obiajulu collins says:

    what is the relevance of curriculum to political science

  190. Always help us with our research

  191. Queenet says:

    Please distinguish between formative and summative evaluation

  192. Manuel says:

    The curriculum is a general guide that offers objectives and themes in a sequential form (this sequence may be provided by a competent textbook). Details like materials as well as specific types of learning activities should be determined by the teacher depending on the students’ characteristics and needs; which the curriculum writer does not know. Curricula guide teachers in selecting instructional objectives; they do not determine the specifics of each and every lesson.

  193. Oyepeju says:

    Curriculum should consist of programe of study,activities and guidance.

  194. Masolwa says:

    it needs more clarification since curriculum is a broad term

  195. maz says:

    still need more explaination about the curriculum

  196. Douglas M. Williamson EdD says:

    Never thought of curriculum including Material and assessment. Ours usually show scope, sequence, and goals or objectives.

  197. Abayomi onasanya says:

    Explain briefly core curriculum

  198. sherryle Jackson says:

    Seems basic.

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